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At the outset, we noticed the market was flooded with products that had not evolved over time, featuring identical cuts and the same materials. Giabsarchivio represents our response to the demand for contemporary fashion

 that combines style with cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and materials. Today, our brand offers a well-curated selection of contemporary products that are both stylish and thoughtfully designed for an ideal fit.

The Designer

Jumpei Nakarai was born in 1978 in Tochigi Prefecture, within Japan’s Kantō region, with a dream to immerse himself in Italian culture. Following his fashion and fashion design studies at Mode Gakuen in Tokyo, he relocated to Italy to attend the prestigious Master’s in Fashion Design program at Istituto Marangoni in Milan. There, he started his career as a part of a renowned clothing store’s staff. His journey allowed him to gain intimate knowledge of various fashion industry roles.

Giabsarchivio Style

Giabsarchivio’s approach to style is practical, focusing on creating garments that are versatile and easy to match. The brand is known for its fabric textures and color palettes that can evoke feelings, offering a smart and elegant look without being overbearing. Practicality is key, aiming to spread positivity. Attention to detail and accessories is paramount, with a smart, elegant, and comfortable style that aims to please everyone. The collection is designed to ensure that each piece pairs well with others, enhancing the wearer’s experience with stretch fabrics that elevate comfort and enjoyment.

Design and Raw Materials

The partnership between Giabsarchivio and Jumpei Nakarai blossomed from a shared interest in the synergy between raw materials and design. Jumpei believes that style research should not prioritize designs over materials.

I started by delving into the world of yarn spinning to strike a balance between the fabric’s required performance and cost-efficiency without sacrificing quality. This led to an innovative blending of natural and synthetic fibers, adding unique value to our products. For instance, by combining wool with polyamide, we’ve produced a stretchy fabric that eliminates the need for ironing. Simply hang the trousers up after washing, and they’ll dry smooth and perfectly shaped. Ten years ago, no one in Italy was producing trousers like these.” explains Jumpei N.