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After attaining a strong foothold in Japan and other Eastern markets, Giabsarchivio is now gaining momentum as an emerging brand across Europe, including Germany.

Our growth philosophy is centered on building partnerships with dependable, skilled professionals in each region to drive our expansion. 

The History

The history of our parent company begins in Campi Bisenzio in the distant 1953, when Florentine tailor Giancarlo Ballerini founded Giabs Srl. But the adventure of the Giabsarchivio brand took off more recently, in 2010. From an idea of Bruno Ballerini, a development team was created led by friend and commercial manager Massimo Caloffi. Creative direction was entrusted to the Japanese designer Jumpei Nakaarai, who was tasked with the challenge of merging elegance with functionality.

We aimed to focus on design while maintaining an affordable pricing policy and upholding the quality standards that Giab’s has always been noted for. With a fresh direction, we have successfully melded the tradition of Florentine textile manufacturing with Japan’s continuous research into materials and functionality. The resulting product, the Masaccio, is a unique pair of trousers, recognizable for their rich detailing such as a drawstring waist and sewn-in crease. From Japan to Europe and America, since 2011, Giabsarchivio has become an icon for those seeking a meeting point between elegance in design and wearability. A range of jackets, blazers, vests, sweaters, and shirts was soon added. Our offer focuses on innovative fabrics with timeless design, clothing suitable for formal events as well as casual outings or sporting engagements.

In 2024-2025 we are preparing to launch the Giabsarchivio women’s line, a collection of trousers and outfits that cater to the modern, career-driven, dynamic woman.

The Company

The company has strong roots in its local area, the Florentine county. Today we aim is to reduce dispersion and further increase internal production. In Montelupo Fiorentino, Giabsarchivio has a facility where all model development takes place. Here, five pattern makers work, providing added value to the company’s know-how. In addition, at the same location in Montelupo, there is a cutting department, a complete production assembly line from tailoring to ironing, a logistics department, and a quality control department.



In Campi Bisenzio, Florentine tailor Giancarlo Ballerini establishes Giab’s Srl and begins producing trousers for both men and women. The name Giab’s is a fusion of the owner’s name, GIAncarlo Ballerini, with the addition of an ‘S, representing the possessive case in English.

The 1960s

The company expands its catalog and specializes in the production of its own brand, Giab’s, hiring more tailors and pattern makers to join the team.

The 1970s

Giab’s starts producing for major Italian and international fashion brands. The company participates in international fashion events, including Pitti Uomo in Florence.


Meeting with a Japanese client, Bruno Ballerini, son of the founder and current owner, sees the opportunity to change the rules in a saturated, repetitive market. Focusing on design, quality, and the company’s historical archives built over decades of global collaborations, the firm invests in the Giabsarchivio project.


In 2011, the first prototype of the Masaccio M1, a unique men’s trouser: comfortable, valuable, and stylish, is unveiled. These trousers would soon change the game.


The attention from buyers, particularly Japanese, in the men’s boutique sector is growing steadily. Just weeks after launching the fourth collection, several Giabsarchivio pieces sell out in both brick-and-mortar and online stores.


On its 70th Anniversary, Giab’s invests in digitalization to streamline customer relations, revamping the look of the Giabsarchivio corporate website and launching an info-commerce platform. 


The first women’s line from Giabsarchivio is on its way – a collection of trousers and outfits designed for the modern, career-oriented, dynamic woman.